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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How To...Grow Wheatgrass

As I was perusing craft blogs, which I am prone to do, I came across the idea of growing wheatgrass here and another tutorial here.. It reminded me of college and smoothies. I love smoothies. It looked easy to grow and although it's not lettuce, it technically could be considered a vegetable, right? Well, it's green and my Mom used to make me eat something green every dinner, so green is a big deal to me. So if you didn't have veggies around, wheatgrass could help balance out your meals. Or you could just throw it in smoothies, like me. Yum.

So, grab some wheat and spread it in a single layer in a dish any size. Cover it with water.

Let it sit on your counter top until it sprouts. You can change the water if it gets cloudy.

See the little white things poking out of the wheat kernels?

When the wheat sprouts, fill your chosen container with soil. Any dirt will work.

Drain the water from your wheat and layer the wheat on top of the soil.

I really packed it on there, because of course I germinated too many.

Water the seeds, so the soil is damp.

Then cover the container with saran wrap.

I secured my saran wrap with a rubber band because I buy cheap saran wrap and it never seems to stay.

Place in a dark place, like the pantry.

See, dark.

When the wheat really sprouts, pull it out of the dark.


And place in a sunny location

The same day you put the wheat in the sun the sprouts will perk up and head towards the light.

Really, it's amazing!

After just a few days this is what I had! (Try to ignore the sugar scrub, that was from a different project. Although the recipe is food storage friendly!) I kept watering the wheatgrass when it was dry and when I wanted some grass for smoothies, I just snipped off bunches with scissors and it grew back within days.

It lasted several months (until I stopped watering it) and had a beautiful green color the entire time. Sure to cheer you up during the dark, gray winter months. Go grow some grass!


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