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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Survival Kit Item - Lighters

Survival Weatherproof LighterWhile I think every good kit should have a couple different fire starting tools, I recommend having at least two lighters. While some stubborn survivalists think that lighters are for the inexperienced, I think they are actually very smart. Why deal with the hassle of matches, flints or other fire tools? Your not trying to look cool, your trying to survive.

In a survival situation, the easiest tools are the best. Lighters are very easy to use, can start thousands of fires, and they will work even when wet.

Get the most out of your lighter: Before putting a lighter in my kit or pocket, I turn it into a mini survival kit.

  • Wrap your lighter with duct tape. In a pinch you will be able to remove the tape, and use it for what ever situation may present itself.
  • After Wrapping with tape, I put 2 fishing hooks one side and a bit of cotton and a few sewing needles on the other side.
  • Then Wrap everything with about 50 feet of a least 20lb fishing line. The line can be used for fishing or making snares and traps.

You now have a mini survival kit that you can carry with you anywhere.

Survival Lighters:


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