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Monday, July 20, 2009

72-hour kits: equipment

the list of equipment and stuff to include in your 72-hour kit can be overwhelming and exhaustive. i feel like i've looked over trillions of them in preparing for this month's activity and building my own and have come up with what i feel like is a pretty comprehensive list of all the stuff you could want and should think about including:

  1. Hooded Poncho
  2. Emergency Heat Blanket

  3. Flashlight

  4. Extra Batteries

  5. Candles

  6. Flares

  7. Lighter

  8. Water-Proof Matches

  9. Dishes/Utensils

  10. Shovel

  11. Radio (hand-crank or remember to pack batteries)

  12. Pen and Paper
  13. Axe

  14. Pocket Knife

  15. Rope

  16. Duct Tape

  17. First Aid Kit

  18. Toiletries

  19. Toilet Paper
    o Feminine Needs
    o Toothbrush & paste
    o Soap, Shampoo
    o Hand Sanitizer
    o Medication (Tylenol/Advil, etc. and a 3-day supply of any prescriptions)

  20. Cash

  21. Pre-Paid Phone Card

  22. Paper Surgical Masks

  23. Small lockbox or safe that you can carry all your documents in - for more details on this one, see the post entitled "72-hour kits: documents."

and you will of course need some sort of bag in which to haul it all. most people opt for the backpack, you could also use a bag with wheels that you can roll, a giant tupperware container (this one really only works if you have your car), or a duffel bag. keep in mind that if you are packing 72-hour kits for small children, they probably won't be able to carry it themselves. for that reason, my husband and i each used a backpack and packed a duffel bag with a shoulder strap for our toddler.

hopefully this about sums it up -- you can find most of it at wal-mart, target, in the camping section of any sporting goods store, emergency essentials or shelf-reliance.


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