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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Garden Construction

Author: YeOldFurt (Old Lightning)

Now, before I read any other blogs and get off on a tangent!
We decided to go with a "raised bed" type of garden, so construction is a little different than an "in the ground" garden.
We had determined we wanted a 16ft X 16ft garden (so you may determine a different size for your needs). Placement was behind the garage (west side) so there would be a little shade in the early morning and gradually get more sun as the day developed. Then we laid down an old used plastic tarp we had that had seen better days, to discourage grass development. Then we scored a couple of kid's sandbox frames which gave us the 16ft by 16ft size . These are made of plastic 2X4s with linkage loops and pins screwed onto ends. (You can also use old 2x4s spliced together or otherwise nailed to configure how you want it.)
Once having set up the frames, we got some river bottom silt from the Little Brazos (it was approximately 12 cubic yards which was overkill, but wanted some for flower beds and other uses). (The garden used approximately 9 cubic yards).
Then over the course of two half days, working in the morning while it was cool, we moved the dirt from the dirt pile into the framework. We took our time, took frequent breaks and maintained our "cool". Each wheelbarrow load was only 20 shovelfuls.
We placed some old animal panels we had around the garden to discourage the dog and other animals. Once we get the seeds in the ground we'll probably place a net or similar cover over the top to keep the birds out.

Got lots more pictures, but this gives you an idea.

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