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Monday, July 20, 2009

Prepping Should Start In The Home

We all love the image of Rambo, Guns, Ammo and large stock piles of food when it comes to prepping but in reality it's just not that way. I found this out myself after a conversation with a dear friend this past weekend. This friend, let's call him Bob, was a hardcore prepper. Bob had some of the best guns on the market along with thousands of rounds of ammo for each. He had Gas masks, Water purification systems, you name it Bob has it. It's like a military surplus store at his place. After a tour of the "compound" Bob and I sat for some coffee and conversation on the back porch of his well equipped home. We talked about world events and the seemingly hard times that we face as a nation. We sat quietly for awhile, to let the words bounce around and settle on our eager ears and into our minds.
The conversation moved, as they all do, to the weather. Bob was complaining about his recent electric bills and was dreading the ones to come. I ask if he had a wood stove to help offset the heating costs and provide backup heat in an emergency. It was at this time that Bob had a "come to Jesus moment" you might say. In all his preparing for a worldwide SHTF type situation, he had over looked some needs in his own home. Here is a list of things that Bob and I found out that he didn't have.
Backup Heating source: No wood stove, generator or solar system in place to provide for his family's need during a power outage. These could also be used to heat water and cook food when the need came.
Vehicle Preps: Although Bob had a 72 hour bag for each member of the family, he didn't even have a basic set of tools in either of his vehicles. Both were pretty new and in excellent condition but 1 busted hose or loose belt, 1 nut or bolt that needed adjustment could have left his family stranded by the roadside in a time when every minute counts. On inspection, neither of the 2 family cars had over a 1/4 tank of fuel and he had no extra fuel stored. This is included in Home prepping because that is where most of us keep our vehicles, at home.
No Home Owners Insurance: Bob and his family had a wonderful home and thousands upon thousands of dollars invested in long term SHTF preps. Bob had NO home owners insurance or even a fire alarm or fire extinguisher. All could have been lost in just a few minutes and a small flame. Bob would be left with nothing but a pile of ashes in the event of a fire. We need to be ready if the SHFT in our daily lives too. Sometimes the poop just hits you and your family. Think of it in terms of your own world first. None of the preps could have prevented or replaced the things that could be lost.
Water catchments system: Even though Bob had a very nice gutter system in place on his home he had not considered a way to catch this was for drinking and bathing in an emergency situation. Rain barrels could provide this need very inexpensively. Bob is on a public water system and could be left high and dry in a SHTF situation.
These are just a few of the things that Bob and I thought about and found at his home in an afternoon. I'm sure there are many more personal preps that need to be looked at as well. The thing that Bob and I discovered is that some people, if not many, may be too concerned with purchasing guns and food and not concerned enough with the personal emergency's that can devastate a family on a more local scale of things.
This post is to ask our readers to think about what personal preps they have or need to have in place. I ask that you let us know what else we or you may be overlooking as we all prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You comments and opinions are always welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Above all, Get Ready!!!!!

Author: Bullseye

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