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Friday, July 17, 2009

Most Overlooked Prep - First Aid Kit

Author: Mathiasj

It seems that the most overlooked item for a preparedness kit would be a first aid kit. There are a lot of preppers and non-preppers alike who don't have any first aid supplies in their home. A first aid kit is very important to keep because when you need it, it's handy to have. I know some people who don't keep any first aid supplies in their home until someone needs a band aid. Emergency situations that require first aid usually won't allow you enough time to head down to the store to purchase the stuff. You want to have a kit ahead of time so if the time comes and you need it, then you will have it.

A first aid kit is just as important as your food storage, and your water storage. When you're talking about getting your 3 month supply built up, you not only want to have your 3 month supply of food and water, but also your other necessities including first aid supplies. Most common and minor injuries can be treated with a good first aid kit and save a hospital trip and the hospital bills. There are many different first aid kits on the market, although most include the same stuff. You just want to find one that is large enough and includes the items in it to fit your needs.

I purchased a first aid kit from eBay a few months ago and after some issues with the kit I purchased being out of stock, I lucked up and got sent two of the same first aid kit. I received the 327pc. Deluxe First Aid Center, the kind you can buy from Sam's Club. These kits are very nice and include plenty of first aid supplies. They are designed for use with up to 30 people in a manufacturing setting. This kit meets OSHA and ANSI guidelines for business use and comes with a study hard case for storage or wall mounting.


The Kit Includes:
-27 Antiseptic Towelettes
-27 alcohol Prep Pads
-9 Povidone Iodine Prep Pads
-1 Eye Wash 1 oz.
-20 Cotton Tip Applicators
-6 Examination Gloves
-1 Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Pump
-10 Antibiotic Ointment Packets
-12 Sting Relief Pads (for insect bites)
-5 Burn Cream Ointments
-10 Antacid Tablets
-12 Ibuprofen Tablets
-12 Non-Aspirin Tablets
-1 Instant Chemical Cold Pack-6"x9"
-1 Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Pack 6"x9"
-40 Adhesive Bandages-3/8"x1 1/2"
-30 Adhesive Bandages-3"x3/4"
-10 Antibacterial Bandages-3"x3/4"
-15 Adhesive Bandages-1"x3"
-10 Antibacterial Bandages-1"x3"
-5 Butterfly Closures Bandages
-12 Wound Closure Strips-1/4"x1 1/2"
-4 Knuckle Bandages
-1 Adhesive Tape Roll-1/2"x2.5 yds
-1 Adhesive Tape Roll-1/2"x5 yds
-3 Non-Adherent Gauze Pads 2"x3"
-8 Sterile Gauze Sponge 2"x2"
-1 Sterile Trauma Sponge-5"x9"
-2 Gauze rolls-2"x4.1yds
-1 Triangular Bandage 40"x40"x56"
-2 Round Eye Pads 2"
-5 Insect Repellent Packets (1 gram)
Additional Supplies:
-4 Finger Splints
-3 Disposable Thermometers
-1 Metal Tweezer 3"
-1 Metal Scissor
-3 Splinter Removers
-1 English First Aid Instruction Guide
-1 Spanish First Aid Instruction Guide
More Items of Value:
-Antibacterial Bandages Disposable
-Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Pump
-Larger Sting Relief Pads
-Thicker Sterile Gauze Sponges
-Instant Chemical Cold Pack 6"x9"
-Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Pack 6"x9"

I'm not sure what the price of these kits are at Sam's Club, but you can get one off of eBay for about $40 shipped, and the same at Amazon. First aid kits are vital to your total preparedness, at the least I would pick up one of these to put back, and a couple if you have a family. These kits will never go bad and most people could make it last a long time.


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