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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Pontoon Boat for Survival?

White River  Paddlefish Pontoon Boat

Now that weather is warming up, fishermen and recreational boaters are taking to the water. But after reading Prell’s latest letter from his survivalist friend Karl, a few questions about stealth survival came to mind.

What about exploring waterways as a means of escape into obscurity for a while? What if you wanted to make people think you were fishing or taking pictures of nature from your boat, rather than getting out of Dodge? Is it possible to find a boat you could carry from place to place? What if you could put such a boat into a car or truck for a trip to the water?

Pictured above is a White River Paddlefish pontoon boat available from Bass Pro Shop. I don’t know if it answers my ponderings, but it could have possibilities for you other than fly fishing. If you click on the picture, you’ll go to the page that features this boat. You’ll find more information there, and you can place your order, but here are a few highlights to consider.

Bass Pro says the Paddlefish Pontoon is the ideal entry level pontoon that performs exceptionally well in both moving and still water. I understand such a boat isn’t fast, but can go quietly into a lot of places other boats can’t. The elevated solid seat offers a great vantage point for sight fishing as well as all-day comfort. It’s designed with 8 foot pontoons to provide a very-smooth riding watercraft with high maneuverability.

The Paddlefish features oars, strong aluminum oar locks, a convenient easy to reach tackle pocket, plus a mesh cargo deck with enough room to store plenty of fishing gear or other equipment or supplies.

The Paddlefish is constructed with a three-piece corrosion resistant steel frame, rugged 600 denier PVC and 5mm vinyl bladders. The total load capacity is 300 lbs., but the boat itself only weighs 56 lbs., which makes it easy to transport.

Whether you’re a fly fisherman, or are thinking of other purposes for the White River Paddlefish pontoon boat, start answering the questions you may have had come to mind by clicking on the picture above for more info or to order directly from Bass Pro Shop’s site.

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