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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Make a No-Spill Cooking Fire

Here's a quick thought about how to build a fire for cooking. You will need:
-Large Rocks
-Short but semi-thick logs
-A Small Grate
-A Larger Grate for bigger meals

Arrange large rocks in a circle big enough to hold your campfire. This is a safety-must! Then arrange two green logs, about 2+ foot long each, and 8-10 inches wide, into a V-Shape. That will give you room to accommodate a variety of sizes of pans. This is better than using rocks because rocks tend to be unstable, and it's difficult to find flat rocks that can be properly arranged.

Build your fire between the V-Logs using kindling and sticks, and once that's going, you can start to put your pots and pans of different sizes on. Start at the point of the V that comes together to put your smallest pan.

For larger pots and pans, place your lightweight grate across the top part of the V, making a bridge. Make sure it's firmly in place. Now you can add more pots and pans.

If that isn't sufficient, or if you're carrying a larger size grate between you have larger pots or are cooking for a bigger group, use 2-4 slightly-smaller logs parallel to each other and place your larger grate on top of those. That will give you enough room for several pots and pans at once.


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