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Friday, July 24, 2009

Life’s a Bowl of (Dried) Cherries

dried cherries

When it comes to storing fruit, you have a few options depending on how fast your family can rotate it. You can store fruit in your freezer or in jars and cans, or freeze-dried or dehydrated for longer-term storage. It’s good to have a variety. My family is slow to use up canned fruits, but we use frozen fruits in homemade smoothies on a regular basis. I bake with dried and freeze-dried fruits so I store those for long-term storage. Any dried fruit I buy, I store in half-gallon glass jars that I seal with a vacuum sealer jar attachment. This will keep the fruit fresh and moist for years. Recently, I started storing dried cherries because I love them in oatmeal, baked goods and salads. They are delicious for snacking, and versatile in recipes. My favorite brand is Traverse Bay and I order them from The quality is clearly superior to other brands when you try them (the Amazon reviews are confirmation) and they are soft and chewy. They’re often on sale, and I don’t think I can find a better price on dried cherries anywhere, let alone this quality.


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