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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Keeping Your Valuables Safe, Part 1

Whether you have gold coins to hide or an "outdated" rifle or a nice stash of ammo, you need to give some thought to a safe place to hide these things. Do you have a gun safe? A hidden crawl space?

Have you even thought about it?
Sit down and make a few calculations and mental guesses. How often do you think your home will be broken into? Will it be just a punk looking for drug money? Will it be a professional burglar after your Civil War musket? Will it be an officer with a warrant and safe-cracking-know-how?

Will the perp have an entire week to leisurely examine every nook and cranny? Will they have a long weekend and the cover to pull up a truck and just take everything two strong men can carry? Will they have only a few moments stolen while you are in the shower or dropping off the kids to soccer practice?

Make a list of what you really don't want to do without, what can't be insured by your homeowner's policy, and what you don't want others to know about. This could include those gold coins, that civil war musket, a lot of real jewelry, etc. Maybe even your bullet mold, barter items, etc. Don't include the plasma TV, a fancy stereo system or other things that can be insured and don't have a unique sense of value.

More coming tomorrow...


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