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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vision Impared? Stock Up On Eyeglasses

Author: Mathiasj

If you're like me and require vision correction to complete your day to day tasks then eyeglasses should be your number one concern when considering what to store and put back. My eyesight has always been bad. I started wearing glasses in the 7th grade and once I graduated high school I switched to contacts. Survival would be a lot harder, if not impossible, if I didn't have my glasses or contacts. If you rely on your glasses on a daily basis then getting a couple pair put back is just as important as putting back food, water, and firearms.

I went to the optometrist yesterday to pick up a new pair of glasses I had ordered about a week ago. In the event of a disaster or a SHTF scenario, you wouldn't be able to head down to the eye doctor and pick up a new pair of glasses if yours broke or you lost them. The time to stock up on glasses is now. If you know your prescription you can order glasses off of the internet for very cheap from Zenni Optical. They sell prescription eyeglasses from $8 and if you have contacts your prescription is on the box. You can also call your eye doctor and get your prescription.

Lasik surgery is another option for permanently fixing your eyes. Although an expensive option, you would never have to worry about glasses or contacts again. I have kept all my old pairs of glasses since I started wearing them. I have 4 pairs of glasses, and even though some are an old prescription, they are still better than not having them. I keep a pair in my bug out bag, a pair in my car, and the rest in the house.

Your survival would depend on your ability to see, and if you require vision correction, stocking up on eyeglasses is a must. Dig up your old pairs and dust them off. If you only have a couple pairs, call your Optometrist, get your prescription, and order some cheap ones offline. Now is the time to be tying up the loose ends on your preps. If you don't have your glasses put back, get them as soon as possible.

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