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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some thoughts on Storage Space

By Joseph Parish

As survivalists we never seem to have adequate space for stock up with the important supplies that may be required to assure our survival whenever an emergency condition occurs. A modest amount of thought on most of our parts can undoubtedly disclose some very exciting hiding places. That is exactly what this article is all about.

Our room furnishings represent an excellent manner in which to hide those cases of extra food or critical survival supplies. Typically you can unearth some very out of the ordinary designs in the Mission style furniture which affords a modest amount of storage space. In addition, you can always discover a way to put extra items in one of the storage seating units where the seat lifts up to provide a bit of useable space inside. These may not appeal to most people for their usual living room seating but work excellent for dining areas and could easily be made in the home workshop.

I was recently made aware that there are now companies which offer self assembled living room furniture. I have personally investigated this myself and find them completely fascinating. The units are well made and you assemble them in your home. You put together the wooden structure and then place the material and cushioned sections on for the final assembly. These coaches and chairs also boast a certain amount of storage contained inside of the units.

In the event that you are considering replacing your current bed you may want to build one yourself that has storage directly under it. If you are not handy with a hammer and saw then there are some excellent companies that can sell you similar beds at attractive prices. In many cases those beds can become a complete bedroom suite in a one piece unit. With the proper storage built under it the bed you can replace your conventional dresser or chest of drawers with the bed itself.

Another possibility is to employ a bed that folds up in the daytime when not needed. This was popular in the 60’s and in some situations can still be found today. Those beds would often fold into a wall making the room useable for something other then sleeping during the day. Many modern New York apartments use a system whereas the bed is raised up to the ceiling during the day and lowered at night. The system uses a series of pulleys and cables to accomplish this. During the evening when it is time to retire the bed can be lowered and many times rests upon a coffee table below it for stability.

Popular with the younger generation are the loft beds where you have extra useable space below it. These types of sleeping arrangements are fashionable in many of today’s college dorms and have the desk below the bed. You can readily build these units yourself.

Sleeper sofa’s is another possibility in that you can easily eliminate a bed completely with these convertible couches.

When it comes to your kitchen you can create some extra space and shelves by not mounting your kitchen cabinets directly up to the ceiling. Leave then a bit lower in order to create a shelve space. You can use this space to house your rarely used pots and pans and other less needed items. In this way they will be out of the way but still available in the event that you need to use them.

If your home is on the small size you may wish to consider an old trick that was used by the early Quakers. They would mount pegs on the wall and when their dining room chairs were not needed they would be placed on the pegs. In this way the chairs were completely out of the way. This is still in use today in some areas of the country.

Space around the perimeter of a room can best be used for housing your survival books and accessed by a small step stool. These simple shelves can be placed above the doors or windows and travel around the edges of your room.

When it comes to space and creating storage all you really have to do is let your imagination run wild and make it happen. Our homes can offer us a lot of space if we choose and pick the surroundings well

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish

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