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Friday, July 24, 2009

Gear Review -- Venturer Survivor Shoulder Bag

Author: YeOldFurt (Old Lightning)

As I stated before, I was looking for a smaller musette bag than the WWII M1936 musette bag and ran across this one:

I really like the heavy duty construction and the twist locks for securing the flap. Mounted on the flap are 4 pockets, two of which have snap flaps and fit an en-bloc clip for the M1. The third has a zipper and works for loose shotgun rounds. The fourth larger pocket at the bottom fits several different items, including stripper clips and en-bloc clips.

Inside the flap are 3 more uncovered pockets sewed to the front of the main pouch pocket. The upper pocket runs the full width of the front of the bag and about 90% up the height. The two pockets sewed atop the first pocket run full width and about 50% in height. A series of five loops is sewed above the right hand pocket. These are a tight fit for 20 ga. and won't fit 12 ga. but work well for a stripper clip or two. The interior of these pockets and the main pocket of the bag seems to be a rip-stop nylon type of material.

The main pocket is actually secured by it's separate strap closed by a snap. Very well constructed. Would hold several magazines, or other gear like any bag. A small expandable pocket deep enough to carry an M10 cleaning rod with attachments is sewed onto the side panel and closed by a snap.
A deep pocket makes up the back of the bag, suitable for various items such as maps, etc.

The website carries them for $22.99 and is shipped in USPS flat rate shipping box. P&I total cost me $28.94 which beats the M1936 on E-Bay or the knock off imitations that won't stand up to any wear.
I think I'm going to like this bag as I can use it for a range bag or just a tote.

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