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Monday, July 13, 2009

Prepper E - Book

Don't forget to check out the Prepper E-Book if you haven't yet. Here you will find tons of survival, preparedness and sustainability information. All articles are free to copy. You may re-post these articles on your own blog, or make a notebook. I add several each day so check back often. Most of all, be sure to visit and support our authors, without them this project would not be possible.

Ways to help support the Prepper E-Book
1) Visit and support our authors
2) Submit articles to post or grant permission to use articles from your blog
3) Copy and repost articles
4) Link to the Prepper E-Book and tell others about it.
5) Subscribe to get most recent articles.
6) Sign on as a follower
7) Have ideas or suggestions. Let me know what you think. Contact me at


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