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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Author: The Survival Mom

Hard-core survivalists could probably get by long-term on a diet of rice and beans, but I know my family would revolt after a day! In an emergency situation, your family will be stressed out enough without, suddenly, being subjected to strange, unknown foods. Comfort foods are called, “comfort foods” for a reason!

My own kids are at their most stubborn when I try to get them to eat something “weird.” Now is the time to begin moving your family’s tastebuds toward what is in your long-term food storage.

Here are a few tips to help guide your family toward eating what you have stored.

* Continue stocking up on what your family already eats and enjoys.
* Add basics, such as beans, rice, and wheat in bulk.
* Research new recipes using these bulk ingredients, and introduce a new recipe every week or two.
* Focus on vegetarian recipes, since meat may become very expensive and/or scarce.
* Keep only the recipes that receive a high approval rating!

As time goes on, your family’s appetites will broaden to include meals using the staples you have purchased in bulk, and so will your recipe repertoire. You’ll have a great Survival Recipe Book for now and into the future.

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