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Friday, January 9, 2009

Prepare Yourself For Crime

By Alexis Moore

Big cities or small towns, it does not matter. What ever area you may be located in, preparing for crime in advance is a sure fire method for success. It will build confidence and educate rather than have you living in fear waiting to be a victim.

Since acts of violence usually happen instantaneously, we need to learn to have quick reaction time. While it is not pleasant to imagine yourself as the victim of a rape, aggression or assault, preparation must be done.

Mental preparation begins with planning towards a solution. Put yourself in the mindset of overcoming anything that comes your way, before it ever occurs. For example; if you are abducted, NEVER, I mean never let yourself be taken to a secluded location. This is most certainly the worst possible scenario. The "can not fail" attitude is a favorite here.

Preparation for avoiding crime should include a simple decision as to what weapon to carry. Whether lethal, such as a firearm, or a non-lethal weapon like a taser gun or pepper spray. This has to be a personal choice and should be evaluated in advance. Some factors to consider; legal risk, availability, what's legal in my area, and most importantly, your ability to use it effectively.

Many non-lethal self defense items are available to help you prepare for the worst, without the fatal consequences of firearms. Self defense tools range from taser guns to pepper spray. A significant benefit of using pepper spray is, it's a inexpensive, easy to use non-lethal self defense weapon that is a widely accepted means of self protection in most all areas. And most importantly, once proper training is completed, most will be able to use pepper spray in a effective manner to ward off violent attack.

Experts agree, it's always a good idea to practice with pepper spray, making it's use second nature. This is extremely important in a hectic situation. When testing your pepper spray, go to an open area and make note of the wind direction and your surroundings. Shoot downwind when practicing because the pepper spray can blow back in your face and severely injure you or bystanders.

Lastly, although a lot of self defense preparation is mental, we should be sure not to neglect the physical aspects of preparation & training. Your body conditioning can play a major role in some instances of self defense and preparing for attack. Lets face it, some cannot train physically due to handicaps of one form or another. However, I urge you do what you can - with what you've got.

Effective self defense success can be found with balanced training and knowledge.
With knowledge and self defense training you can fair a lot safer out there in today's world. As with most things in life the better prepared, the better the outcome can be.

Alexis Moore, an expert in self defense and writer for Security Saint. A self defense oriented virtual store where you can buy Self DefenseTasers , Stun Guns and pepper spray. Learn methods as how to protect yourself.

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