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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Build an emergency fort in the woods

By Marcus Parish

Let’s face it as survivors there just might be a time when we would need to build a fort out in the woods away from prying eyes. The problem that we might encounter is how do we start? One point worth keeping in mind with this project is the more brush and trees that you use in its construction the better you will be. When planning your fort you will want to build something that will not stick out like a sore thumb.

Our first goal will be to locate a good place to build your fort in the woods. You will want to avoid any locations that are close to the roads as it would then be very easy for someone to see you. A location that is deep in heavy woods would be your best approach here. It might be a little hard for you to get into the area but it is certain to pay off in the end. Clean your selected area out very well and remove any debris that you find. Remember this is the place where you are going to sleep so you certainly do not want anything sticking you in the back.

A good round figure to use for your fort size would be twelve square feet. This should provide you with plenty of room. After you have determined what size fort you plan to have you should begin grabbing up various branches and stick them into the ground to create your initial walls. The more you hide your fort the better you will be prepared. Make sure you have a door leading into the fort even if it is nothing more then a crawl door.

With your walls constructed it is now time to put the roof onto the housing. Start the roof installation by laying branches across the walls that you have erected. Make sure that you get enough to keep yourself warm however you should make sure that your walls can support the added weight.

Adding a door to your newly constructed fort is the easy part of this project. All you will really need to do is to flop a blanket over the opening or if you so desire you can create a door made out of sticks. This kind of door is sure to help hide your fort also.

Now your fort is made and you are ready to use the fort. Remember fires can easily start here and you should use candles that put out very little flame or another idea may perhaps be to use flashlights. Light can easily be seen at night so I would recommend that everyone use caution when using lights at night.

Copyright @ 2009 Marcus Parish


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