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Friday, February 20, 2009

Simple Survival Tools - Eyeglass Repair Kit

Prescription eye glasses are generally a very costly item. Most eyeglasses require a prescription and have to be made specifically for your own personal requirements. Safe-guarding your vision should be one of your priorities in being prepared if you require the use of eyeglasses to see properly. Eyeglass frames and their lenses do not come cheap and the ability to fix or repair them in an emergency or crisis will be critical. It is also a good practice to keep a spare set of eyeglasses as a back-up, as well as an eyeglasses repair kit.

If your eyeglasses happen to break, you may have to get your glasses repaired by a qualified technician or optometrist. However, in many cases you may only need minor repairs to your eyeglasses. Many of these minor repairs can be done simply and cheaply until more adequate repairs are available.

Here are some simple repairs that you can do with an eyeglass repair kit:

1.) If the hinge in your frame has loosened or stretched, you can use a small rubber ring, which is included in most eyeglass repair kits, to hold the loose hinge in place.

2.) If the metal hinge breaks off from the frame, you can repair your eyeglasses with a little fast-holding glue, such as super glue, until more permanent repairs can be obtained. You can even use a small piece of duct tape as a more temporary repair.

3.) Loose screws can also cause you problems with your eyeglass frame. Loose screws can simply be re-tightened with a small screwdriver that usually comes with an eyeglass repair kit.

4.) If you have lost a hinge screw, you can simply use a replacement screw from your eyeglass repair kit. If a replacement screw is missing or doesn’t fit, use a tiny safety pin. Push the pin through the hole for the screw and then close or fasten it. You can also use a small piece of wire as a temporary repair. Although these are temporary repairs, they should be satisfactory enough to allow you to continue using your eyeglasses until a better repair can be made.

Eyeglasses repair kits can be easily found in most department store, pharmacies, and optometrists offices. They are a cheap and inexpensive item that could be critical to your survival in a crisis or disaster situation if you need to wear corrective lenses in order to see properly.

They also make a great barter item!

Got corrective lenses? Get a repair kit!

Staying above the water line!



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