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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don’t Neglect Your Victory Garden…

It’s just starting to warm up a little bit, but I’m already thinking of the coming growing season. What with the fluctuation of food prices, colony collapse disorders (some beekeepers are replacing their American honeybees with foreign bees- notably some from Australia, which are more aggressive than Western bees… fantastic!) and my general, healthy dose of skepticism, it’s a good time to get ready to plant. I’m thinking that potatoes, tomatoes, cukes, carrots, snap peas, green beans and some squash with a little lettuce thrown in should be a good start… May have to increase the size of the plot sometime…

Victory Gardens

If you haven’t got your Victory Garden in play, then it’s a good time to start plotting out your spot, and thinking ahead to how much food you’d like it to yield. Take a look at the how-to post from last year - and be sure to send in pictures of your own Victory Garden.


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