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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is there a difference between short term and long term food storage?

By Joseph Parish

When sitting among the various survival groups you often hear it said that someone is storing this or that for their short term storage and this and that for their long term storage. This is actually utter nonsense as the only difference in the short and the long term storage should be the quantity of products that are being stored.

There is an old saying among those who practice food storage and that is that you should store what you eat and eat what you store. Why in the world would anyone wish to store cans of mixed vegetables if they do not eat them. If you don’t like to eat them in the short term then you certainly will not care for them several years from now. I would like to think that no one would store something that they did not care for but rather save some extra items that they do like. People who state that they are saving foods for the long term that they do not care to eat must not fully understand what the terms actually mean. Generally one should incorporate their long term foods in with their short term ones.

I am fortunate in that I have several freezers for my frozen meats and occasional vegetables. In addition, I have a complete room that serves as my pantry for both the dry foods and those purchased in cans. Then we use the kitchen closets for our immediate needs.

Now don’t get me wrong for I store more then just our foods. I actual store many different items that I feel would be required if my family and I had to survive any time in our safe room. Whatever I use something up I try to purchase at least 2 or 3 more to replace them. This way I do not destroy our family budget when I buy replacement supplies. I usually try to have at least one year’s supply of products readily available and stored away for any sort of emergency. In my supplies you can find things such as lamp oil, matches and lighters, mantles, soaps, shampoo and conditioners. I have stored up on toilet paper as well as deodorant.

I keep a small supply of crayons and coloring books as well as other items that could occupy a Childs life when in a semi-isolated condition. The key here is to keep the children busy and thus take their minds off of the emergency at hand.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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