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Saturday, February 21, 2009

RV Prepping

I've been catching up on my blog reading through the day today - the ones I follow regularly are all listed over on the right side - and are great for prep tips, Stealth Survival and the State Prepper's Network are musts, and I just love Mayberry's passion, spirit, raw honesty, his writing style, and I so appreciate the struggles he's working through; providing a front-row seat to his readers. And our reader, Mickey, has been adding some fantastic comments to my posts. I'd like him to do some guest articles. I really like his perspective and the direction of his research. He's wanting to run AC off his solar/wind configuration, which is very interesting. Something I didn't think could happen. We need to tap into his background with the boat, and his mechanical skills. Check out his comments on some of the more recent posts on batteries and coach v. 5th.

There are a few other sites I check now and then (stuff like;;; Drudge for quick news thru the day, etc.) but by-and-large, I feel pretty comfortable that I got keyed into what the "master plan" was back in September, and then I worked my butt off to do as much as I could, as fast as I could. So I don't spend as much time reading about the zigs and zags of the plan - i.e., how far Citi tanked Friday, or that gold touched 1,000/oz. I glance, but don't focus, on that kind of information. It's all quite predictable, presuming you are in tune with the ultimate plan.

What I am focusing on is prepping, picking up ideas everywhere I can. I feel like I have the basics - and I'm continuing to add, especially food. One of the really nice things about being in an RV full-time is the sheer simplicity of it. It's serene. Peaceful. Quiet. Small-scale.

Plus, there's only so much you can do, and then you rely on the RV to fill-in the rest. This is why I want to continue getting off the grid. With an adequate supply of food, and enough battery power to stay comfortable, boil water in the microwave, and heat/cool the thing, etc., I figure as long as I have a place to park it, I can weather the upcoming storms.

So that's where my thoughts are now. I have the basics; now tweak the plan. Patch-up the holes in my plan as best I can. Shore-up. Analyze the weak spots. Take action to improve them. Always looking ahead.

What are
1) I need to get the inverter installed, the Air-X Wind Turbine connected, and order my solar panels. These are top priorities. I'd hoped to get the inverter installed this past week, but life got in the way. I'm going to shoot for this coming week.

2) I still want to find a cheap, small plot of land within 4 to 6 hours. I've done some tertiary looking, but I need to step it up. I'm going to work out a plan to search land in several areas, and start contacting realtors. I'd really like to buy auction land, so I may need to get web sites to read local community newspapers, or even subscribe to a few. The Texas Prepper's Network has a good link for finding land there. Click here to go to the site. This "Lands of..." is available for all the states - you can Google: "Lands of New Mexico", for example, or "Lands of Georgia"...

3) More food. I want as much as I can get, given I only have so much room. When it gets really bad, and when food inflation hits, this is going to be the top-priority survival asset, in my opinion. I can't store enough for a multi-year supply, but I can still add more to what I have now, which is about a year. Security is also a big issue.

Now, someone with land might want ammo over a large food stock, assuming they could hunt what they need. Certainly, but that's not where most RV preppers would find themselves, so accumulation is generally part of RV prepping (I know..the RV parked on land where you could it. Too many variables!).

I recommend NOT telling anyone about your food supply, and there are only a very few people who I have ever discussed it with (mostly my kids) but in a blog-situation about prepping, if you don't discuss food prepping, get the point. Anyone who says they are prepping for TSHTF is storing can count on it. I'll be pretty hard to find by then, so you know from reading this blog that yes, I'm prepping food. So are a lot of other people. But the folks around me don't...and won't know until it hits. (Storing, by the way...not hoarding. You can't hoard in an RV)

4) Bank solution. I'm currently with one of the big banks, although I only keep in the bank enough to pay bills. The rest's not accessible. I'm thinking though that a smaller community bank might be better - if they will tell me the truth of their current financial condition. The small banks are loaning money these days, while the big one's are tighter, so I figure the right small bank is probably in better financial shape. Plus, I won't have to deal with whatever nationalization looks like.

#4 is easy, and so is the inverter, which is the next step in #1. Need to do those next week. #3 is on-going. Need to make some small purchases this week. #2 is something that will take time, but I need to turn thoughts into action.

Thank you for letting me work out my week-ahead prep checklist. Hope it helps spawn some thoughts for your situation...


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