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Saturday, February 28, 2009

car emergency kit

so we'll kick off march - emergency month - by starting small, with a car-kit. small, but still very very important. ask anyone who's been stuck out on the road, with or even without kids, and it cam be super stressful, super cold, super hot, super scary, super long and so on. creating and stashing a car kit in your trunk can give you peace of mind and perhaps even save your life. hereand now, in the '00s, we pretty much all have cell phones, but what if your battery died? what if you had no service? if you had an emergency, hopefully you could call someone, but i wouldn't bet on it.
so what should be in your car kit?:
  • water
  • some emergency food and snacks
  • cell phone charger - you can even get a hand-crank charger in case your car has no power
  • lightweight wool blanket or emergency reflective blanket
  • hats and gloves
  • extra clothing
  • hand and body warmers
  • waterproof matches
  • flashlight with extra batteries OR a handcrank charging flashlight
  • road flares or light sticks
  • 100-hour candle
  • reflectors
  • gas can (with extra gas)
  • cans of oil
  • jumper cables
  • jack and lug wrench
  • tire pump or fix-a-flat
  • tire chains
  • tow chain
  • basic tools, small shovel
  • ice scraper
  • extra fan belt, radiator hose, fuses
  • first-aid kit
  • multi-purpose knife
  • toilet paper
  • emergency money - at least $20 in small bills and coins
  • short rubber hose for siphoning

a few other tips -

  • always make sure your gas tank is at least 1/2 full,
  • in case of a gas leak it would not be safe to light a match,
  • if you have special needs in your family - such as an infant, diabetes, hypoglycemia, asthma, those with chronic illnesses, and the list goes on - you need to make sure you have planned for them as well
  • customize your car kit to meet your needs - think about what you would need and get started!

Q: but i really don't want to gather all this stuff myself, can't i just buy it somewhere?

A: yes! you can purchase pre-made car kits.

  • from emergency essentials by clicking here
  • walmart also has a variety of emergency kits; you can browse by clicking here
  • disaster necessities also has some, click here
  • if you don't like any of these, google it. you'll find more, i promise.

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