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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top !0 Research

There has been talk on and off in our forums about the 10 Essentials, which got me to searching for that magic list. Of course, there isn’t a single list, but rather a collection of lists that has evolved over time. But putting all of them together, I got the following rankings, which were interesting but may not apply to every situation:
1. Pocketknife
2. Matches
3. Compass
4. Fire starter
5. First aid kit
6. Map
7. Flashlight
8. Extra clothing
9. Sun protection – sun glasses, sun screen, hat, etc.
10. Extra food
11. Water
12. Whistle
13. Rain gear – no matter what the forecast
14. Emergency shelter
15. Signal mirror
16. Insect repellant
17. Water purification / water filter
18. Rope or cord
As noted, there is no one magic list for every situation, but it was interesting that the same things kept cropping up as essential no matter what situation you find yourself in.

May your blades stay sharp, your guns shoot straight,your fires burn warm, and your wits stay about you......Scout Out!


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