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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The importance of comfort food

Your comfort food is whatever food it is for you that makes you feel better. Whether it’s because you’ve come down with the local flu bug that’s currently circulating in your immediate local, or because you just had a rough day, comfort food is, well…comforting. Part of self reliance—relying upon your self—includes taking care of the abstract aspects of every day living, including comforting oneself under duress. Comfort food is probably one of the simplest ways to do that.

Comfort food! Chocolate cake by rore on Flickr

It’s not necessarily food that causes specific chemical reactions, as chocolate is known to do. That’s not to say that chocolate isn’t a comfort food! I mean—doesn’t this look comforting? Laughing

For many peoMac and cheese is a common comfort food. Pic by Jing a Ling on Flickrple, comfort food is something out of their childhood. When I’ve chatted with people about what their comfort food is the answers do tend to be heavy in carbohydrates which may make sense on a chemical level, but may also be a cultural phenomena. Carbohydrates tend to be cheap and therefor more available to all income levels I guess.

When you’re looking to your back stocking, be very sure to include at least a few servings of whatever your personal comfort foods are. For me it’s fairly easy; I have no idea why, but one of my comfort foods is cream of rice with butter, sugar and milk. Cream of rice stores like rocks, so if I have the appropriate accoutrements I’m in like Flynn. A bit of tinned butter and one of those containers of milk that is packaged for extended storage takes care of that nicely. I’ve also discovered that the very best cream of rice can be had by taking jasmine rice and grinding it myself in a clean coffee grinder! If you’re a cream of rice fan, give that a try and see if it’s not the nicest cream of rice you’ve ever put in your mouth.

Check your shelves; do you have your favorite comfort food stashed away? What is your comfort food? Under what circumstances do you wish for it? Does it make a difference if you make it yourself or if someone makes it for you?


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