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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our current time of crisis makes Bugging out Difficult

By Joseph Parish

Our current financial struggle here in America is on the verge of making an emergency bug out difficult at best. Predictions have been revealed that state our workforce will be at just about a stand still by the end of 2009. In short there simply are not enough jobs for the people. Ninety-five percent of our nation's metropolitan cities will have far fewer job positions available as the year ends than those that they had at the beginning of the year.

This sad and grim prediction came from the firm of Moody's which reveals just how bad our country is moving into a recession. This situation is bad enough for most people but for the survivalist is can be deadly. Since many of our like folks will also be losing their jobs it would certainly make it impossible for them to leave a crisis area and venture forth towards a safe retreat somewhere else. This lack of mobility can result in many people having to remain in a potential combat zone when TSHTF.

If you reside in the states of Ohio, Florida, Missouri, Connecticut, Michigan or Hawaii you can be sure that you are headed for some very rough times ahead. These are the states that are pinpointed to be losing the most jobs. With the decline of our automobile industry the unemployment rate will be greatly increased.

These situations are going to get much worse before they start to get better and you must be prepared for it. When you lose your job you really lose your means of getting to your retreat location unless you plan accordingly. Knowing that this situation could possibly be pending it is up to you to take the appropriate precautions necessary to ensure that when the time comes you and your family can move quickly to safer grounds. To start with you will need to save some money. I know this isn’t an easy task these days since you will also need to store some valuable supplies in order to survive.

My personal plan is to develop a retreat that is within one tank full of gasoline. In the cases of my new vehicle that would put me about 400 miles away from my current home. Most people can afford to fill up their car at least one time so this would help drastically to get you from point A to point B safely.

My retreat goal is a small patch of wooded space in the middle of a deep woods. Here I will place a camper of some sort and modify it accordingly. I see a lot of solar activity in my retreat plans in the future. Solar has advantages in that it is quite and does not send a smoke screen alerting people to where I am located.

Regardless of how you plan to handle your particular situation the key point is you need to [plan ahead of time. Don’t wait until it is too late to do something. Act now and you will be prepared.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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