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Friday, February 27, 2009

Survival Equipment - Practical vs. Pretty

When considering equipment add-ons, the main question that we should be asking ourselves is a simple one. Is it or practical or is it pretty? It’s best not to get caught up by the “cool” factor as it can be expensive without adding the needed level of functionality that will enhance the operation of your equipment.

Different enhancements are usually for a specific purpose and will not generally add to the overall function of your equipment. If the need for that function is such that you may require it, then by all means you should use it. On the other hand if your upgrade or enhancement is merely adding weight or cost without increasing its overall effectiveness, then maybe you should consider other options.

A charcoal grill or smoker will burn wood scraps or charcoal, but a gas grill needs gas to function and to have a fire for cooking. Charcoal, wood, or other combustible material may be readily available while gas may not be. Or will a simple alcohol stove be satisfactory for your needs? A barrel shroud on a shotgun or bipod on a rifle look great, but do you really need it? Or will a simple stick work? Perhaps an extra magazine with additional rounds would be handier and more functional? Do you need a custom first aid kit or will a homemade one be better suited to your needs? You can buy a kit in a fancy case or you can put together your own using a simple tool box instead and have room for more practical items that you may need.

It is best to remember that pretty doesn’t always mean it’s practical! From a survival and preparedness standpoint, you may be doing yourself a favor by choosing practical add-ons and upgrades for your equipment. Practical is a good thing.

Got pretty or practical?

Staying above the water line!



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