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Monday, February 23, 2009

Inventory Check: Mouse Traps

We live in the suburbs near Denver, CO, and still, we get mice. We see little white ones, and bigger brown field mice. They are smart and cunning, and do NOT wait until dark to scurry around. They love flour and rice, crackers, popcorn, and can get through thin plastic.

After trying all kinds of humane and other traps, we've discovered what works for us:
- Snap-Traps (by Victor)
- Snap-Clamp (by Victor??)

We bait them with a tiny smudge of peanut butter, and place the traps directly in their path from wherever they hide/hole up along the wall to the kitchen. We've arranged the furniture and traps so that the mice would have to go completely around in order to bypass the traps. They don't.

Note: Don't even bother with the traps that emit sounds or ultrasonic waves. First, what happens when you're electricity goes out? Second, they don't usually work. Mice are smart, and it's our experience that they just ignore the sound to get to the food they want.

Another Note: The traps with sticky paper don't work either. The mice must recognize the scent or the color or something because in all of the sticky traps we've put down, we've only succeeded in catching ourselves. Waste of money.

Do an experiment yourself. Don't have mice? Talk to your friends and neighbors and do your research for your area. You'll discover what works best for the mice in your area.

Then stock up on traps, bait and so forth. You don't want to spent all that money on rice to find that mice have nibbled through the bag to help themselves to dinner!

At the first sign of a mouse, set out your traps! Or even before.


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