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Saturday, February 21, 2009

What if Your Survival Depended on Knowing What Wild Plants You Could Eat?

Not long ago I read some thought provoking comments on wild edible plants from someone who formerly lived in the country and now lives in an urban area. He said he felt blessed to be able to recognize edibles growing in his yard and up through sidewalks. Others around him couldn’t spot something as simple as plantain leaves and know what to do with them. In a time of calamity and food shortages, he wouldn’t starve, but his neighbors might.

It’s wonderful that this man knows about the food growing around him, even in a city environment; but most of us aren’t that fortunate. We need help from a good reference book such as Harvesting Nature's Bounty 2nd Edition: A Guidebook of Wild Edible, Medicinal and Utilitarian Plants, Survival, and Nature Lore, by Kevin F. Duffy.

Harvesting Nature’s Bounty is a treasure trove of nature wisdom and lore. It not only covers wild edible and medicinal plants, and survival skills, but it also covers subjects as varied as fish stunners, weather predictors, cricket temperature, pine pitch glue, natural bug repellents, and a wide variety of new culinary sources. Discover communing with nature and reconnect at a level known only to our distant ancestors. Discover where the treasures of nature are located and how they can be used. You may never see a field or forest in quite the same way as before.

Over 200 species are discussed in Harvesting Nature’s Bounty along with their various uses. This book includes over 100 photographs and is heavily annotated with references. It covers nature lore, including that used by Native Americans. It also contains info on shelters, fire starting, water collecting, and alternative hunting methods without weapons.

Discover how to:

* find and eat some of the most important food staples of the Native Americans, like acorns, groundnuts, cattails, and more.

* build a survival shelter with no tools that can protect you and keep you dry in sub-freezing weather.

* catch large bullfrogs during the day without any tools.

* recognize a plant that will prevent poison ivy from developing after you have been exposed.

* find wild edible plants in the dead of winter.

* recognize natural treatments that can be found in nature for over dozens of the most common complaints.

* get safe water from nature.

* collect large edible crayfish with just a flashlight and a bucket at night.

* find natural wild substitutes for the majority of the spices in your spice rack.

* find edible flowers that might be growing in your yard.

To find out what else is included in this second edition of Harvesting Nature’s Bounty, order your copy by clicking on the picture of the book below, and you’ll be taken to the page featuring this book. What if your survival one day really does depend on what you know about the edible plants and other food around us? How well prepared would you be?


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