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Monday, February 16, 2009

Second Half - Emergency Evacuation Kits

To the second half of the blog about emergency evacuation kits. You will find videos/podcasts, instructions, and other information about the subject for this week.


Emergency Disaster Preparedness B*O*B (Bug Out Bag)

Note: Don't, Do Not, Never use a gas can for water storage. You will poison yourself and your family.

Note: Instead of cutting off you shirt sleeves, roll the sleeves up. If you think you are going to need a pair of shorts, pack shorts.

Patriot Armory - The Bag Out Bag (Part 1)

Note: Just so you know, a little bit of a potty mouth.

Part 2

PAW Productions - Survivalist B.O.B.

Note: Watch the rest of the videos. There are four parts; additionally, this group has many more informative videos.

Bug Out Survival Essentials 1/4

Note: Watch the rest of his videos, too.


Other Information:


Alpha Disaster Contingencies


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