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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inventory Check - Tea and Coffee

How much tea and coffee do you have in your stockpile?

Take an inventory: If you can't get to a store for an entire year, do you have enough of these for you and your other family members? Do you have any tea-balls to brew your own loose-tea drinks? Are you growing a coffee plant for when you run out of coffee, and there is no more to be bought? What about an extra supply of both for bartering?

We drink a lot of herbal tea, and have stored lots, and of different kinds. We don't drink caffeine, but have stored caffeinated coffee and tea for barter, as well as lots of instant decaf tea, various decaf coffees, herbal teas, loose herbs, and tea balls.

Once we move to our next place, we're planting lots of chamomile and mint/peppermint plants. We're looking into various other teas that we love, like blueberry (do we brew the leaves?)

Of course, there's never enough tea and coffee.


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