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Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Are Water Purification Tablets?

By Mathew PatersonWater is one of the most essential needs of the human body and represents 50% of humans bodily functions. Impure water can thus damage the human body a lot and the working system of the body can decrease in performance due to bad water which contains some harmful contaminants.

A water purification tablet can be used to purify from contaminants and harmful chemicals. It cannot however clean the large particles, but those can be cleaned and removed by the process of filtration. These tablets can mostly work at microscopic level and can neutralize the chemicals and viruses which can affect the human health.

These viruses and chemicals do need removal because many of them can cause different types of diseases like diarrhea, hepatitis, and some other harmful and dangerous diseases as well.

Water purification tablets can be made mostly of either chlorine or iodine. Chlorine is a common purifier and small amount of chlorine can also kill harmful bacteria in the water. Iodine can also help in cleaning. Tablets for purification may contain mainly one of the mentioned elements i.e. chlorine and iodine.

Companies that make purification tablets recommend using two tablets in a liter of water. This means that one tablet can purify half a liter of water. Using a tablet can also not be said as a difficult task. The tablets can be thrown in a container that needs purification. The container of water can then be shaken so that the tablet's ingredients can be mixed with the water evenly. The water should then be allowed to remain stationary so that the tablet can work on its job of killing harmful microscopic elements. After a few minutes, the water can be used for drinking purposes and the danger of a person getting any diseases through water can be significantly lessened.

These types of tablets can come in handy at the time of disasters as well. After an earthquake, the water present in the surrounding can be contaminated by harmful contents and clean water can be hard to find. A purification tablet can be used in such a situation to help in providing drinkable water to the victims. These tablets can also be taken on a trip to a forest in case clean water may not be available there for drinking.

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