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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Communications Capabilities

By Joseph Parish

One of the foremost questions that many people ask is what they can do about obtaining valuable information and communicating with other people during times of crisis. Let’s face it our cell phones may not be much use to us after the emergency generators that operate the cell phone towers run out of fuel and are effectively dead.

For your short range use there is always inexpensive walkie talkies. Some of them actually work very well while others are mere toys.

Perhaps many of you may be considering purchasing a ham radio for this purpose. When you do think about one of these long term radios you must also be aware that you will need the appropriate power and accessories to go with it. Will you construct a twenty foot tower to place you ham radio antenna on?

I myself have found that the ham radio route could be a tad too expensive plus it ends up being very restrictive. It is only usable at your home and in the event that you have to bug out then your equipment would need to stay at your house. Of course there are mobile units available but we are talking home based equipment at this time. Therefore, I myself do not intend to get involved with long range communications. There is a good possibility that I would extend this to include at least a multiband receiver so that I could monitor the various broadcasts and keep informed as to what was happening. In this way I could check the shortwave bands, the broadcast frequencies as well as various ham transmissions.

Most of my family is well aware of what their responsibilities are during a serious situation and they also know what they must do. It is up to them to ensure that they do exactly as we have planned. Once the cells phone towers are down it will be too late for any sort of communications. In that sense most of my associates who will be staying with me know that I am remaining at my home and therefore they will be coming to me. As you can see there really is no major need for communications at all. Out of the sense of safety we will not go after anyone who does not show up when they are suppose to. Although you may think that this is callus and hard you must remember that every organization must have some guidelines and rules for which they have to follow.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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