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Monday, February 9, 2009

72 Hour Kit - Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips for 72 hour kits. A lot of this information (and more) is found at Equipped to Survive. Kira also has some wonderful 72 hour kit information on the Greenway Self-Reliant Sisters Blog.


  • When purchasing flashlights LED lights are the best. If you use incandescent lights, make sure you have spare bulbs. LED lights have the advantage of not needing the spare bulb.


  • Never use so-called "heavy duty" batteries. These are old-fashioned carbon-zinc batteries that have a very short shelf life and run down quickly. Alkaline batteries have a decent shelf life about five years. Lithium batteries are even better, they typically have a ten year shelf life, work better than alkaline in the cold and also weight about half less. But, lithium is usually found only in AA and AAA sizes.


  • Have small bill on hand for cash. People won't have change in an emergency & the ATM's will run out quickly too.

Perishable Items

  • Keep a list of all the items in your 72 hour kit and when they expire. This will make it a lot easier to rotate them.
  • I bought shampoo, deodorant & toothpaste in the brands that my family uses. Before the expiration date, I pull them out and give it to the kids. They think it's fun to use travel size items for a few days.


  • Have copies of your important information - Birth & Marriage Certificates, Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Information, Immunization Records, Insurance Policies, etc.
  • Laminate or keep these in a Zip-loc bag.
  • Have photos of each family member and a group family picture
  • Consider backing up your pictures & genealogy onto a CD/DVD or a Portable Hard Drive.

Any other tips? Just leave a comment :)


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