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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Audio Podcast: Fishing Options for the Modern Survivalist

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Obama is appointing tax cheats, the government is mortgaging our future and Wall Street Execs are cashing in on bail out money. It is enough to make a man want to snap out! So let’s take a break and talk about something far more enjoyable, fishing and different options for adding fishing as a component of modern survival living and lifestyle planning.

Tune in Today to Hear

  • Anyone up for a surf fishing trip with Halffast and Jack on the Texas coast
  • Fishing is an adjunct for supplying food not an unending source
  • Thoughts on connecting with people that know the waters in your area
  • Thoughts on why fishing small rivers and streams is so effective
  • Thoughts on hiring a guide or several guides to learn larger bodies of water
  • How to keep fishing “profitable” vs. an expensive hobby
  • Several species of fish that are easy to catch and make great food species
  • Conservation by harvesting multiple species
  • Fishing larger rivers and inlets
  • Fishing the surf, cool shark story included
  • Ways to improve your odds by building your own structures and or chumming
  • Thoughts on basic tackle
  • The old school Mitchell 300, possibly the best spinning reel ever built
  • Where to invest the most money in your gear, where to be frugal
  • Finding fishing online forums
  • Thoughts on GPS use and Fish Finders (sonar)
  • The advantages of becoming an “expert” on one or two local bodies of water vs. lake hopping”

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