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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Basic Home Tool Kit

There will be times when things break, become loose,or just need to be repaired or replaced. As part of any preparedness plan, a basic home tool kit can be extremely valuable in an emergency. Having a good set of basic tools will help you make those emergency repairs when it becomes necessary.

Basic Home Tool Kit

1.) Sturdy Tool Box - This will be used to keep your tools readily accessible.

2.) Set of Regular Pliers (2) - 1 Small / 1 Large

3.) Set of Screwdrivers

4.) Claw Hammer - Get a size and weight that is comfortable for you.

5.) Ball Peen Hammer(2) - 1 Small / 1 Large

6.) Rubber Mallet

7.) Set of Cobination Wrenches (open and box end) - SAE (inches) & Metric (MM)

8.) Tape Measure (25 foot)

9.) Set of Allen Wrenches

10.) Hacksaw with extra blades

11.) Utility Knife (with extra blade storage in the handle)

12.) Locking Pliers (2) (aka, Visegrips)- 1 Small / 1 Large

13.) Slip joint Pliers (2) - 1 Small / 1 Large

14.) Needle-nose Pliers (1)

15.) Wirecutters (1)

16.) Set of Punches

17.) Set of Chisels

18.) Files - 1 Small / 1 Large - Both round and flat types.

19.) Wood Saw - Hand Type - 6 or 8 Tooth Crosscut

20.) Pipe Wrenches - 1 Small (8 inch)/ 1 Large (12 inch)

Don't forget to throw in some small boxes of miscellaneous nails, screws and bolts and a roll of electrical tape and duct tape.. This list also doesn't include electrically powered tools. Hand tools work even when the power grid is down. There may also be other tools or specialty items you may want to keep in your tool box.

While a good basic home tool kit when purchased new will probably run anywhere from $150 to $200, it is a multi-use item that has a very good shelf life if cared for and used properly. You can also start small and add to your home tool kit as funds become available or you can shop garage sales and flea markets for bargains.

There are a great many tools out there and having the proper tool everytime will be difficult. Having the basics may make it possible to solve the problem when it occurs.

Staying above the water line!



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