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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Be Prepared

In the information age we live in, we can never seem to get anything fast enough. We demand instant satisfaction and answers to our questions. And things like air conditioning and automatic washers that were once extravagant luxuries are now taken for granted. Even the food we prepare is usually out of a box (or a drive through window). We can never seem to get too much convenience and most of our needs are virtually at our fingertips (when is the last time you actually stood up to turn on the TV?).

In this world where the “I-want-it-and-I-want-it-now” attitude is so prevalent, emergency preparedness is often overlooked. It’s hard for many of us to imagine not being able to flip a switch for instant light or to push the popcorn button on our microwave for an instantaneous treat.

The sad truth is hard times can befall us at any moment. In the last few years it has seemed like large scale natural disasters are occurring at a more frequent rate. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of these events is we can’t predict their coming. And even when we have some idea of where and when they’ll strike, we can never be sure. Although some emergencies such as hurricanes can be somewhat predicted (see our Dare to Prepare blog), most often we are caught completely off guard. And many times we get caught in the worst emergencies of all—the small dilemmas we face where only a few items are needed but access to them is not available (see our Driving in a Winter Wonderland blog).

We are reminded of the need to prepare on an almost daily basis. From bad economic growth to temporary food shortages to a rise in unemployment rates, we can’t count on instantaneous gratification forever. And while you may be sitting back saying, “yeah, but that will never happen to me,” just remember that everyone else whose been caught off-guard has probably thought the same thing.

Fortunately, Shelf Reliance has all of the tools and supplies you’ll need to get yourself and your family members prepared for an emergency. With food storage, emergency kits and supplies, and food storage shelving racks, Shelf Reliance can give you all the information and guidance you’ll need to create a well formulated plan.

If you are unsure where to start, please take a minute to visit our Shelf Reliance Planner. Here, you will be able to calculate and customize food storage, emergency kits, and food shelving options for your family. We know you’ll find that once your emergency plan is in motion you’ll have more peace of mind knowing your family will be well protected in the event of an emergency.

by our new contributor
Shannon Peterson, Copyright Shelf Reliance, LLC (

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