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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Civil Unrest during crisis situations

By Joseph Parish

All survival conscious people should provide due thought towards the probability of civil unrest during those times of impending disasters and emergency situations. It goes without saying that when the law is running thin the lower level trash will attempt to take over the masses. This is a situation where cooperation among neighbors and friends become an extremely important asset. This mutual cooperation will provide at least some sort of resilience from the threat of local terrorist activities or natural disaster opportunists which are sure to be lurking nearby.

To begin with one must fully understand civil emergency management procedures which will involve several proven disaster strategies usable towards stimulating the needed cooperation from required friends and neighbors. Normally one can consider the possibility of only two kinds of risks which will be associated with a disaster. These risks are the risk of war and the risk of peace. Although these are the mere basics under today’s way of life we would encounter a much more comprehensive type of approach to the matter of security for our home base when required. Either way cooperation is still the key word.

We all have to learn to stress the value of and be prepared for the unexpected situations which may crop up when we least expect them. Nothing can be worse then ending up being surprised with something that we had not counted on happening at a time when we least need it to occur. When planning properly we should never be surprised about anything. This is the difference between those that survive and those that do not. An adequate means of proving these early warning signs and the actions needed to resolve them are absolutely necessary at all times and under all situations.

We all need to develop a capacity to build up our knowledge about the various potential problems and create a miniature data base in our minds towards combating these efforts. In our circle of friends we need to build a means of blending our efforts together through knowledge as well as information sharing. We are currently entering an era where there are going to be many surprises that awaits us. Remember the Tsunami in 2004, the events of America’s September 11th, our hurricane Katrina disaster as well as the increased activity associated with earthquakes.

It would not hurt any survivalist or group of survivalists to cultivate a civil protection network from among like minded people who are close by. Sharing their abilities towards civil protection, evaluation of the areas risk assessment and emergency preparedness knowledge could well lead to binding friendships when real friends are badly needed.

Copyright @2009 Joseph Parish


1 comment:

  1. Good idea if u can find trustworthy peeps u wanna throw ur lot into with..I cant even get a "survivalism" thing started in my town because ppl just dont believe the gov will let (anyhing bad) happen..and if there actually is anyone in my podunk town that is into survivalism..they r flying way below the radar..prob on purpose..wouldnt do to let ppl know that u got a yrs worth of food and other preps when they have prepped for no more than a keg of beer and pizza for the wkend football game on ESPN