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Monday, February 2, 2009

Food For Your Emergency Bags

Do you ever wonder what kind of food to keep in your emergency or bug out bags? There’s a lot to choose from, but it may not be food you normally eat all the time. Really think about this now because you want to be able to grab these bags in a hurry without stopping to think if they’re properly stocked.

Some good items are:

  • Water - this is your MUST have
  • Trail mix
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Nuts - they sell great individual bags at Trader Joe’s
  • Dried fruit
  • Small packs of tuna - they sell an individually wrapped can with crackers, mayo and pickles
  • Spam - there are individual packages of this too now! It’s like they’re reading our minds!
  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Noodle in a cup - the just add hot water kind

There are some other items I’ve put in our bags because I know my kids will eat it, and it doesn’t require cooking:

  • Ravioli in a can
  • Vienna sausages
  • Pop tarts
  • Dried seaweed (called nouri, it provides lots of vitamins and iodine)

Don’t give me the bad mom award yet - these foods are not very nutritious, and they’re not things they get regularly now. But, in a true emergency they’ll be some familiar treats that will help the deal with what’s going on - we can think about proper nutrition after the crisis.

Check your bags and stock up on plenty of food for a couple days at least. Keep them in an easy to reach area where they won’t be crushed if there’s an earthquake. I keep a calendar with a reminder once a month to check expiration dates and rotate my food and water as needed. Hopefully I’ll never need to use these bags, but they’re ready just in case.


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