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Friday, February 6, 2009


Just looking around at different people I know of on the internet and the world. You see ads and websites for those who have money and time and who are thinking this financial collapse as something really serious. There are ads fort underground shelters that would require a direct hit by a nuke to destroy. Canners who will sell gourmet freeze dried food guaranteed to last 25 or 30 years. Purveyors of quality firearms that will take care of any need, if you buy enough different styles of guns. Realtors who have land and buildings for sale that are isolated and at of the path of most bombs and crowds. All you have to do is write a check and you are in business. Your ticket is punched and you are on the way to surviving the coming hard times. You can forget the worries that most of us experience. Lay back on your cushioned $5000 survival sofa and watch your HUGE survival TV. Let the masses fight the hardship. You have a hard enough time deciding what wine to drink for dinner every night.

On the other hand we have the poor and the working class who have to fight for every prep they can get their hands on, if they have more sense than God gave a goose. These people have a bit of land and a few friends and they are going to try and make it through the coming hard times with their freedom and their families and their friends all intact. They are the salt of the earth and they are real people.

Perhaps a wealthy family would like to join up with them and share their attempt to survive. I would say that can be done but it must be handled properly or it will come to naught. I would say that going into a survivalist group and playing the roles of "Big I and Little U" will not work. Your best approach will be to discuss the coming hard times and how bad things are getting and so on and so forth. Talk about what is being done to insure the survival of all concerned. Get ready to splash some cash and show some sort of concern for the people in the retreat. Offer to have a well put in that runs with a hand pump. Offer to construct a storage facility for food that will not freeze but will keep food cool for long periods of time. Give all of this to the people as a group and do not maintain ownership of it.

You see, for a piece of property to be truly for the people it must be owned by a land trust and everyone who lives there must have a vote on the trust. The Board of Trustees can be any group of men you wish, but the board must be voted in by the people. And everything on the land must be owned by the people. That way everything is "equal" and above board. Nothing is really equal except for maybe some folks dedication, but that is another matter. Setting up a collective group is not an easy matter as far as they legal system is concerned. And do not forget that they will be trying to knock your feet out from under you at all times. The system does not like groups of people banded together for mutual survival. Groups that are that way are not prone to depend on the system for help in times of need. Much too independent for the taste of the system boys. They want you obedient and unable to function on your own. Nuke the gay baby whales, as far as I am concerned. I like my independence and my freedom and I don't intend to give it up to some government agency that wants to step in and tell me how to live. There has been a big argument concerning the fedgov's ability to lead you life for you since this country became a nation. A lot of us just plain don't want them in our lives. Let them concentrate on our borders and our coastlines and leave the people the fuck alone. But we may not have much to do with the Mexicans in the future as it is. That government is about to fall down there and it will become a narco state pretty quick. After that we can shoot anyone who comes over the line. Party time!

A man of money in a community of working class stiffs is a big problem f not done right. You MUST have your legal stuff taken care of BEFORE anything like a wealthy joiner can happen. And do not sign any mortgages or notes with that person. Any contribution has to be for the benefit of all. That is why you banded together in the first place! Group survival is where it's at. Dedication is where it's at. Never ever throw that away for some FRN's. You will live to regret it. A band of survivors is a wonderful thing and should be treated with respect and honor. Don't become like the scum in our banks and stock brokerages and sell it out! There is something uniquely precious about "all for one and one for all". A great bond can be forged up on this premise. And he that lives alone dies alone. And generally at the mercy of whoever is killing him.

I'll try to answer any questions you might have on this subject. It is a bit confusing if you don't now what the deal is. But you can understand it just fine if you take the time to study and digest the information. Stay alive.



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