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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inventory Check - Soap

How much soap do you have? Body/bath, hand, dish, laundry, house, etc.... take a look through your home and your stored supplies. Do you have enough if can't buy more for a year? Do you know what you would do if you ran out?

What about if you didn't have running water or electricity to use that soap? Have you figured out an alternative to getting clean? (We're storing baby wipes.) What about cleaning your dishes and clothes - do you have alternative methods for cleaning those? And your house....We recently came across a dishwasher that doesn't use electricity and is mounted to your faucet.... but we couldn't use that if we didn't have well water and enough force to get the water up and through.

For cleaning clothes, we bought a wonder-washer - it's just a small barrell that has a handle to turn it. It doesn't take a lot of clothes at a time, but certainly works very well.

Most things can be cleaned well with vinegar and baking soda. And once you run out of baking soda, vinegar does well by itself. Plant an apple tree now, and as soon as you have apples, experiment with making your own apple cider vinegar. Good for cooking and cleaning.

We have also bought soapwort seeds to sow at our next place. We've discovered it can make shampoo and body soap and even help clean the home and clothes.

Have you come up with alternatives to various soaps?


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