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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi everyone. I have not had the time these past few days to work on my next big blog - The Truth Part II - need to do some more research to lay everything out - hopefully I will get this done soon. I wanted to post today just to get something out there...


I know most of you preppers out there poor through the news daily, and if like me - on the computer 6 hours plus a day reading, verifying and so forth. The elite are unveiling and making their move BOLDLY now! Now is the time that we need to really push for our movement - the infowar! Get the word out to as many as will even catch a snipet of what you write or speak. WE don't know their next move or when it will really get bad and perhaps loose the net - so act now all - fight with your words - words are more powerful than any two-edged sword - start wielding it!!! Our lives depend on being prepared and ready for anything, the time to fight is now, the hour is critical and our movement is swinging into high gear as many people out there are beginning to search for answers and we need to give them answers that are as truthful and accurate as possible. The time for nicey-nice is over, the time to make our stand in NOW! Time to really kick your preps into high gear is here and no matter what your friends or family say, you know the TRUTH and you need to act and above all else - have faith. God allows for some us to come out of the matrix of lies and deceit and for others, for whatever reason, He has put blinders on - not our call. Our call is to spread the news and to share our ideas on how to prep and we should no longer to take it as personally if people do not listen to you, it is not up to you who is to be woken up. You just need to do your part and prep and get the news out there - this network is vital to doing just these things - let's take it as far as it will go and fight the good fight!

The PTB are truly gearing up and the economy is moving ever-faster DOWN the drain and so much happens anymore hourly instead of in fits and spurts that it is hard to keep up with it! We are truly on the edge and they are pushing us over - hang up for all you are worth and prep like there is no tomorrow!

God Bless and Prep On

P.S. We all have to reach way down inside ourselves to find what we are called or motivated to do and then do it. If you need to sell some toys or downsize, then do it. There is no way out of the economic collapse and most of our "stuff" won't be worth much all too soon. The fancy cars won't run if there is no money for the gas and all those video games cannot be played if there is no power - the power is in your preps - food, water, protection, and shelter. None of this other stuff will matter a wit, but your food may be worth more than gold soon - so buy it now while you still can. If your spouse, friends or family think you are just a little crazy - let them them think it as they will find out soon enough. And, if your "other" is not on the same page, then prep on without them as best you can, but remember one thing - you really do not want to go through this alone, you will need others around you and with you to survive this epic disaster in the making. There is always an answer and a way to prepare and we as preppers are known to be innovative - so find your way. We all need each other no matter how scared we are so just do the best you can for your family. Letting go of the dream world we have known our whole lives is tough, it is maddening and it is scary and we need to be cognizant of those just now coming out of the matrix and support them mentally. When you live in an area of this country that has not be affected much yet it is hard to tell people what is really happening because they still have a job and money coming in and not much has changed for them. They think all will be well and they can keep on living the same way and have all of the creature comforts, that these things will not change or go away, that the government will fix everything. We know this is not true and need to at least share with them how bad this will become - plant the seed. Plant the seeds in others and prep on ourselves is all that we can do - you can't knock them upside the head (even though you want to)! Turn your frustration around and focus that energy on prepping.


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