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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unemployed Personals - Dating Without A Job?

For most of us, the idea of trying to seek out a new girl friend or boyfriend while unemployed does not seem like a logical priority. Unfortunately, with the state of the world economy, waiting for things to improve might not seem very practical. And to this end, this has driven people seek out companionship despite not being employed or even being “under-employed”.

While the rest of us are looking for work or beginning to build our own recession proof businesses, I am seeing more instances than ever before of unemployed personals. Clearly, tough times drive home the desire for lonely individuals to find other like minded people to share resources and to some degree, even networking contacts. But at its core, it is clear that being unemployed does not mean a person is not trying to fill the void in their heart, struggling financially or not.

What I believe will be interesting over time, will be what I suspect will be a growth of men and women seeking out potential mates with a secure income. I realize this must sound crass, but the fact of the matter is just being in love with an individual is not going to keep a roof over your heads. Over time we will indeed see a substantial growth of people seeking out individuals that are both a compatible match in addition to having a sustainable income.

So what if you are one of these individuals? What if you are thinking of looking for love, but are concerned about getting into a relationship that might lead to future financial stress? Understanding this concern, I am going to provide some financial guidelines for those seeking to date during this tremendous financial downturn of extreme unemployment.

  • -Do not date anyone that does not have a job. I realize this might sound mean, perhaps even hypocritical if you are unemployed, but the reality is that two unemployed people are not likely to make a happy future couple.
  • -Consider dating a geek. Sounds a bit odd as the geek set might not sound like someone to seek out. However I will tell you this - computer geeks are going to weather this downturn better than most. Just ask my wife. :P
  • -Seek out a home owner. Why? Because renting right now puts your in great jeopardy. Your landlord defaults on the mortgage, you will be evicted regardless of you paying your rent on time.
  • -Government Jobs are good, self-employed services are better. Dating a self-employed individuals are going to be a hot commodity as clearly, they tend to be a in stronger position to provide for a family during tough times. This being said, you will want a self-employed mate that is working in the critical services industries from plumbing to PC repair. Regardless of how bad things get, these are services that will continue to be in demand.

So what say you? Are we putting our long term happiness at risk by attempting to qualify or worse, quantify our potential mates as we enter the dating scene? Even worse, will both men and women entering the dating scene be seen as potential “gold diggers” for holding onto such controversial standards? I suspect some will, but building a life with a loved one is like anything, an investment. So to that degree, I think that dating and being unemployed oneself dictates a little commonsense in mapping out ones future for the good of all involved. After all, you cannot pay your bills with love and sunshine.


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