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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

With the economy in freefall, work at home scams are on the rise

“Work at least as hard on your own behalf as you do for any employers and you will prosper beyond your peers…”
MINE! Work at home scammers want your money
The tally is in; just short of 600,000 jobs lost in January of 2009. That’s an appreciable chunk of the 1.5 million jobs that the U.S. economy has disappeared in the past three months. So maybe we didn’t really need NPR to tell us that the economy is in freefall . But they were nice enough to, and you can even listen to it on line .
With all those people beating the streets looking for income, it’s probably not a surprise that work-at-home scams are on the rise —and not just in America; it’s getting press in the U.K. too. Hungry, frightened people stampede easily and when they can’t make their housing costs and put the food they are used to on their tables they are more likely to be taken in by things that, in better circumstances, they would likely know are too good to be true. Opportunistic bottom-feeders know this, and they are ramping up their efforts to lay hold of the few sheckels still rattling around in the bottom of the pot.

You can just about bet that anything that poses as a money-making opportunity which materializes unrequested in your e-mail box or your mail box is a scam. Possibly 90% of what comes up in a basic search engine if you search for “make money at home”, “home employment” “work from home” is also at best questionable. You MUST check anything you find with the BBB, and I recommend searching for the company name on and sites like it.

There are some things that you can start shifting in your lifestyle and outlook whether or not you’ve gotten the ax…yet. There is a new paradigm taking shape, and the go-go economy is just not there any more. That’s fine; ultimately, it probably wasn’t good for anyone or anything involved. You could start by taking a long look at a cheap publication called “Live On $10,000 a Year or Less “. Even if you don’t shell out the ten dollars to download it, looking through the chapter titles can give you a place to start necessary discussions over the kitchen table. Have you already made lifestyle changes…ones that you can see as better choices instead of deprivations? What aspects of your lifestyle are you adjusting? Can you make some suggestions here for other readers?


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