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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10 must haves for Bugging out

Code Name Insight originally published this list. Click Here to see the original

  1. Cash—there may not be an ATM (or it may not be working) when/where you evacuate to.
  2. Medications—you may not have your prescription on hand or pharmacies may not be open so bring your own necessary meds.
  3. Food and water—when you evacuate, stores may not be open or the place you end up may not have food and water so bring it with you.
  4. Important papers—things such as passports, birth certificates, marriage license, financial document, etc. are necessary to prove who you are and what you own. Bring them with you.
  5. An overnight bag—if you have a hygiene kit and a change of clothes, at least you will be able to clean up after you evacuate; this is a big psychological boost in a trying time.
  6. Communications stuff—a cell phone and a hard copy of your contact information (friend’s and family member’s phone and email contact info).
  7. A thumb drive with all of the contents of your computer backed up on it.
  8. Something to pass the time—playing cards, a book, an iPod, etc.
  9. Emergency supplies—first aid kit, flashlight, emergency blanket, etc.
  10. Any special, hard to replace item—dentures, hearing aids, glasses, nebulizer, etc.

Added by Mayberry

11. battery powered radio

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1 comment:

  1. You have mentioned most of the must have things. These are all very important each unique in it's own right. A lot of people tend to forget medication.