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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bugging Out When the SHTF

I received an email from C.H. that brought forward some valid points concerning bugging out while the Sh*t is hitting the fan. The best case scenario will always be to move to your bug out location now before the doo-doo begins to fly. However, if you are like me, hunkering down may be your best option. Anywho, below is C.H.'s letter-Nomad

I think it is a common belief by newly awaken survivalist that they can wait until the shit actually hits the fan and then bug out with their vehicle and all of the survival gear and prepared food. I am curious, have any of you actually tried such a thing. Has anyone taken the time and effort to load your vehicle with 3 - 4000 lbs of gear and food, driven through a major city, a long distance interstate trip, stopped for the night, or had car trouble?

I don't mean to bust your bubble, but I have tried during normal times and it don't work worth a shit. I have a Dodge cummins diesel one ton pickup and my 5th wheel loaded with just my survival gear and food storage seriously overloads it. I tried towing a trailer filled with a compact tractor and tools cross country to work on a ranch I purchased and learned about road trash puncturing trailer tires (carry two spares), hardened criminals loitering at rest stops and RV parks (post guards), and the limited range of GMRS radios when the batteries run down (replace every 16 hrs).

If the US has a serious sudden crisis (another terror strike on top of today's economic crisis) I am going to stay put if it does not immediately threaten me. I have read all the emergence preparedness books talking about folks pulling together, one big nation singing cum-by-ya. I have also read the postings from folks who were late evacuating New Orleans.I believe that the risk of bugging out is just too great. Modern Americans will get scared and act like animals. They will threaten, attack, and steal from anyone they think is better prepared. They will stinking kill you.

I know from my experience that the best response is to bug out before the event. Move to a more secure area now. Preposition your very desirable, expensive, and irreplaceable survival tools and food storage at a secure site before the shit really hits the fan. I am in the middle of trying that little trick my self and it is very tough. Well one of my very favorite quotes is "life is tough, it is a lot tougher if you are stupid".

I am not at all certain that I can get all of my stuff cached before a crisis. But I am going to suggest some rules for bugging out:

1) Never travel alone, never drive alone, don't even go to the can alone.
2) Keep you bug out vehicle maintained at all times. Particularly the tires.
3) Carry all the fuel and spare parts you might possibly need. Consider detours.
4) Every adult needs to carry guns, the best shooters ride shotgun. Guard you stuff.
5) Avoid cities, avoid interstate highways if possible, avoid the cops, the military, and especially avoid FEMA.
6) If you do bug out, your ID will not match your location, use this. Make up a false address and cell phone # for authorities.
7) Do not stop for, talk to, or share your stuff with other people. This is not the time.
8) Other people will be dangerous, but FEMA was worse. If you can survive without contacting others for 6 months, do so.

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