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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Answering your questions on glow sticks

Glow Sticks:

Somebody asked a question about freezing glow sticks to reactivate them. Glow sticks burn brightest at warm temperatures. Once a glow stick has been activated and you want to prolong the life of it (let’s say you are going to be leaving the house for a bit, but will be coming back and it will be necessary to rely on the glow stick again when you return) you can put the stick in the freezer to prolong the life. You cannot, however, reactivate a used glow stick by placing in the freezer once it has died.

The shelf life for a glow stick is from one to four years. The industrial weight glow sticks last the longest. The smaller size glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets have a shelf life of just one year. The chemicals in your glow stick may change color. This does not mean that they have expired. Try one to be sure before you throw your old glow sticks away.

When purchasing glow sticks remember that white or yellow will burn the brightest.

If you purchase your glow sticks at a dollar store or Wal Mart type store buy one and test it before making a big investment. They may be cheaper, but the quality is different and they may not be up to the standard that you would require in an emergency. The ideal is to have a stick that burns for 10 hours, providing light all night long.

Glow sticks are best stored at room temperature or below. They can be stored at very cold temperature, such as in places like Alaska. If you live in an extremely cold climate the glow sticks you store in your car should be wrapped in a blanket or other insulation to prevent freezing. They will work. They will just need to be warmed up before being activated. You can do this by rubbing them or just bringing them indoors.


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