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Monday, February 2, 2009

Being Thrifty Is Cool

I used to be so embarrassed when my Mom rinsed out her ziploc bags to reuse. “Why not just get a new one?” I’d ask her and she’s say something like it’s perfectly good, and they’re expensive. Who knew I’d grow up to be a ziploc bag re-user too? If it didn’t have meat or something messy in it, it gets rinsed out to be used again.

If you Google “thrifty” you will see just how popular it’s become. Being called thrifty is not always meant to be a compliment, but that’s changing as we enter an economic downturn and realize just how much waste and excess we produce. Reduce, reuse, recycle has become the mantra of the green movement, and it should be a call to service for preppers too. We should be extra diligent to make good selections of items that we’ll use and recycle items we don’t need anymore. Being thrifty isn’t always about buying the cheapest items. Cheap doesn’t make it a good value. Rather than think cheap, think lasting quality.

Some additional ways to be thrifty:

  • Take your lunch to work in a recycled bag
  • Reuse your grocery bags, plastic, paper or cloth
  • Eat more leftovers - I need to work on this one!
  • Shop once a week to save time, money and gas
  • Buy only things you use a lot of in bulk
  • Stop buying paper plates!
  • If someone offers hand-me-down clothes for your kids, take them! Even if they wear it only at home, it’s helps save our natural resources

I admit, I’m not one to start buying generic cereal and shop at the thrift store, but there’s nothing wrong with doing so and I need to concentrate more on the spirit of getting a good deal. Using my money wisely and giving to the needy when I have excess. Our grandparents were experts at thriftiness. Waste not, want not. It’s a skill we’ve almost lost, but hopefully now that it’s cool, everyone will try it!


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