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Monday, February 2, 2009

Taking Advantage of Sales

Around the holidays -- well, any holiday -- there are some great sales at grocery stores. If you get the sale circular in the mail or newspaper, examine it. Take advantage of it! Remember your coupons too. SuperBowl Sales should be starting any day now ... take advantage of them!

Sale: Last November and December, Wal-Mart had a sale on sweet potatoes at 38 cents a pound! That's a great deal, so bought quite a few, and stored in our basement. We also regularly check out the meat section in King Soopers (Krogers/City Market) and when we find stew meat for .50 cents a pound, we snatch it up, cook it, and either freeze it or can it. They also recently sold gallons of milk for .75 cents each so, if we'd had room, we would have frozen them (letting a little out first to prevent splitting).

Neighbor: A neighbor didn't feel like harvesting his apples this year so when we asked, he gladly exchanged all we could carry for a bag of our homegrown tomatoes. We processed the apples into applesauce and dried cinnamon-apple rings.

Farmer's Market/Flea Market: When you can find a farmer's market, take advantage of it! We live near a huge weekend year-round flea market that has fresh fruit and vegetable stands throughout. We love to buy local produce to slice and dehydrate.

Absolutely take advantage of sales, and when you can, harvests and farmer's markets. See what you can do. Do you have any other suggestions?


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