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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Candle Lanterns - By Abraham

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Much thanks to Abraham for writing this guest post for us. He is an excellent preparedness blogger, check out his other blogs over at

You should have a candle lantern in your BOB, or one should be a part of your preps. This is a candle lantern opened.

This one is made out of brass. Brass is good. Notice the handle and the little hook. Although they say you shouldn’t use flames in a tent, if you camp sometimes your tent will get damp from the moisture in your breath. Not sure of the science behind it, but this little flame will keep the condensation down in your tent. Hanging one of these in your tent will help to keep the tent, your gear and you dry. Handles and hooks make it easy to hang.
You can see the spring through the opening in the base. The spring keeps moving the candle up as it burns. Through the window you can also see how much candle is left. The candles that burn in these things are long-lasting. I think each candle burns for about three hours. They also come in citronella scented variety to keep bugs away.
To replace the candle you unscrew the base.

Here you see the base is unscrewed and removed. Next you unscrew the black thing from where the candle sits.

You can see the stubby candle here. When it runs down all the way you just put a new candle in the metal holder then stick the whole thing back in the lantern and tighten it up.
They don’t give off a lot of heat, but as many have blogged about, if you wrap yourself up pretty tight in a space blanket and poncho and keep one of these burning it’ll keep you from freezing to death.
They also give off enough heat to use the top of the lantern as a mini-stove. You could definitely heat water or cocoa in a Sierra cup on the top of one of these.

This is the lantern closed up with the handle flipped down to keep it closed. You can see how small it is, great for backpacking or a BOB. It’s maybe 3-4” tall when closed.
These are great for power failures and because of the glass chimney they don’t get blown out by the wind.
I think the aluminum ones run for $15 or so and the brass maybe $20. The candles are kind of expensive at maybe a buck a piece. As with all candles you need to be careful. Please don’t set yourself, your kids or your house on fire.


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