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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coins for a Survivalist

By Joseph Parish

In the event of an emergency it is extremely important that one have a tank full of gasoline, all the necessary survival equipment and a good supply of money prior to bugging out. This supply of money should include not just small bills such as ones, fives and tens but also a healthy amount of coins.

This supply of coins can usually be accomplished by merely saving any loose change that you happen to have in your pocket. You would be amazed at how quickly the amount of money in change will add up. How often do you give the clerk a dollar for your morning coffee? If you are like me you do not like fumbling in your pocket for the change but rather find it simpler and faster to just hand the store clerk a fresh dollar. The change of course goes into the pocket with the other change. At the end of the day you can take all this change out of your pocket and use it towards your survival money.

In no time at all you will have accumulated a considerable amount of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. While you are saving your coins make sure that you always keep an eye out for any of the older ones which may possibly contain silver and keep these separate from the others. They are naturally more valuable not only now but during a crisis.

You can easily recognize the silver coins from the non-silver versions. To easily identify which of your coins are made of silver merely separate them into dimes, etc then hold them together. There is no need to look at each coins date to determine if it is made of silver or not. Just take a glance at the edges of the coins. The newer coins will have a brown edge since the middle of the coin is composed of copper, while the silver coins will display all silver along their edges.

The silver coins will readily stand out from the non-silver. Be on the lookout for any of the extremely dirty silver coins that easily resemble the copper versions. If in doubt look at the dates.

Don’t expect to find an abundance of these coins in your change however since they are becoming very scarce these days but you may get lucky and locate a few of them every now and then. So get busy and save some of your change for those emergency evacuations or bugs outs when they occurred.

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish


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